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We are an effective and successful Jail to College pipeline from Santa Rita Jail, Dublin to Bay Area community colleges.


In 2013, Open Gate, Inc. was launched with 30 students by co-founders Mildred McKinney and Denise Richardson as a special enrollment program in the Bay Area. Since its founding, Open Gate has been led by system-impacted students themselves as they act as mentors and ambassadors for the program. Open Gate reported a 90% retention rate and a 0% recidivism rate for 2018 and expects to reach 100 students enrolled in Chabot College for the Fall semester of 2019.

​Enrollment starts behind the walls in our weekly college readiness workshops in Santa Rita Jail. In addition to recruiting out of the jail directly, we also receive referrals from the Alameda County Public Defender's office, Volunteers of America transitional housing, County PAC meetings, and self-referrals. We accept all prospects who have been system-impacted and who are ready to earn a certificate or are seeking to transfer to a four year university. No matter what you may need to succeed in college, Open Gate is there for you!